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Scholarship Essay Sample

 – Significance

Writing scholarship essay needs to be done very carefully. Scholarship is something that you are awarded in lieu of the acceptance of your brilliant work.

Students sometimes also seek scholarship to receive financial aid.

Any of the above reasons make writing scholarship essay a vital an important task. Therefore it is crucial to examine a sample scholarship essay for writing it skillfully.

Sample Scholarship Essays


As you have realized that writing scholarship essay is a vital task; you must have realized the importance of an analyzed scholarship essay sample. Read further to examine with concentration to understand the scholarship essay sample.

Introductory Paragraph of 

Sample Scholarship Essay


The following paragraph is a sample scholarship essay’s introductory paragraph. Read it carefully how you will start writing a scholarship essay.

“I have always had a clear idea of what I wanted to become in my future. I have always been excited about studying science, and medicine is the area which interests me most. The notion of helping others always pleases me, and field of medicine is the best for doing it. Therefore I intend to advance to medical school to become a medical doctor. I believe this program will offer me precious skills which will give me a new exposure to advance further in medicine field.”

Scholarship Essay Samples

 – Body Paragraph

Body paragraph is the about explaining what you have done so far and how successful you were along with all the learning.  

"All the way through high school and college I have maintained 4.5 GPA. During high school I participated in a physician shadowing program which was known as medical mentorship. Besides it, I served as a volunteer at Holy Spirit Hospital in last fall as a nurse. Therefore I am aware of and at ease in clinical settings. I am a person who takes responsibility very well and works with dedication. I took part in a Student Study Abroad program this summer and gained a great deal of knowledge. It was a challenging task to study in a foreign country, but I managed it quite well and got acquainted with many people because of my easily adjustable nature.”

Scholarship Essay Sample
 – Conclusion

In the final paragraph of scholarship essay sample, the writer gives convincing reasons of scholarship and what he will be able to do afterwards.

"I have intention to practice medicine in the United States. I believe that studying the differences between the British health care system and that of the United States through this program would hugely help me in future. This program will provide me a great chance to shadow a British physician, and have a comparison of both; the experience to the clinical exposure in the United States and Britain. I believe that taking part in this program will enable me merge the best of both worlds into my medical education and practice and will make my dream come true of becoming the best doctor.”