7 Traits Of A Custom Essay Writing Service

Do You Find Yourself Compelled To Hire Any Custom Essay Writing Service

So Now You Are Freaking Out Just Because Your Essay Submission Deadline Is Nearing, and You Have Not Prepared Your Essay So Far.

Out of desperation, if you have decided to search custom essay writing services on Google, do you know what features you should consider before you hire any custom essay writing service?

You know it is very common on the internet that there are so many fake essay sites scamming under the cover of providing quality essay writing services. And if you fall a victim of any of them, you know you might suffer the consequences such as;

  • You may lose your money.
  • You may be awarded poor grades.
  • You may have to redo the assignment.
  • And the worst part is if it is caught as plagiarized essay. How ashamed you will be at that time in front of your teachers and classmates!

So you can realize now your one wrong step will land you in deep trouble. Here I can help by revealing some secrets of how to judge a quality custom essay writing service.

Significant Features Of a quality Custom Essay Writing Service

You must look for the following 5 features in any custom essay writing service to be sure of its quality service.

  • Plagiarism Report:

Plagiarism is what you must be concerned about seriously. Any scam site can fool you providing a plagiarized essay. Fortunately, there are anti-plagiarism softwares to check validity and reality of essay. Therefore you must make certain that they provide you a plagiarism report.

  • Essay Review:

Before they hand you over the final copy of your essay, ask them to give a copy for review so that you might get it checked it by some seniors of yours to see what they say about the quality of the essay.

  • Sample Essay:

You can also ask them for some sample essays and get those essays reviewed by some seniors to check the quality of their service. They may charge you for sample essays.  

  • Money Back Guarantee:

Does the very custom essay writing service offer 100% refund guarantee in case of such situations:

  • Sub-standard Quality
  • Late Delivery
  • Plagiarized work

  • Response To Customer Query:

An authentic custom essay service must respond to any query in less then 24 hours according to the industry standard. You should expect a reply within 24 hours from an authentic custom essay service.

  • Phone, Fax And Supplier Location:

Genuine Phone number or Fax Number according to the Location of Supplier:

  • Postal Address Provided:

Custom essay writing service provider must be legally registered with company with a legal physical postal address clearly displayed on their web site.

Beware of “P.O. Box addresses”, mention of which indicates that that postal address is NOT owned by a Custom Essay provider but it is located on the premises of Post office Station.

  • Opportunity To Contact Other Customers & Writers:

To check the reliability you can also ask them to contact the other customers who used the services of the very custom essay writing service. Moreover you can ask for the direct communication with the writers.

Final Thoughts:

  • Your concerned custom essay writing service should provide you plagiarism report.
  • They offer you essay for review before the final copy.
  • Ensure that they make available sample essays.
  • Are they giving some reliable guarantee?
  • The provided postal address belongs to the custom essay writing service.
  • Given phone and fax numbers are not the fake ones.
  • They make it possible for you to contact the writer.