Music Research Paper Topics


Research Paper Music Topic

It is so clear that you have to first select your music research paper topic. When you need to select a music research paper topic, you have to choose between the two; a topic about a musician or an argumentative or informative topic. Here you will find a list of great music research paper topics for both categories.

Music Research Paper Topics

 – Musician/Composers

The following list contains the names of some greatest musicians and composers from 17th century t9 18th who made their mark over music industry. This list will lead you to choose your music research paper topic if you are interested in writing a music research paper on a musician. These musicians belong to different parts of the world.

  • Vivaldi Antonio
  • Cage John
  • Elvis Presley
  • Gershwin George
  • Mozart Wolfgang Amadeus
  • Michael Jackson
  • Strauss Johann
  • Berlin Irving
  • Chopin Frederic
  • Mendelssohn Felix
  • Copland Aaron
  • Bernstein Leonard
  • Brahms Johannes
  • Stravinsky Igor
  • Mahler Gustav
  • Ravel Maurice
  • Honegger Arthur
  • Borodin Alexander
  • Debussy Claude
  • Liszt Franz
  • Wagner Richard
  • Schumann Robert
Tips To 

Write Music Research Paper 

 On A Musician/Composer

If you have decided to write your music research paper on a musician, you should focus on their life, rise and music style. For more information about writing music research paper, Click Here.

Music Research Paper Topics Argumentative/Informative

The following list consists of the argumentative and informative music research paper topics.

  • Jazz music vs. Classical music
  • Rock music history
  • Music and censorship
  • Music of 80s/70s/60s
  • Opera’s development
  • An overview of the development of trumpet
  • Church choral music and hymn history
  • Computer created music: A development or destruction to music
Music Research Papers Topics

Although it seems to be very attractive and enjoyable task to write music research papers, the initial obstacle happens to be a tough task which is music research paper topic selection. It is evident that without music research paper topic you certainly can’t take a further step at all, but make it sure that you don’t spend too much time while selecting the topic that may cause you delay in submission. For a quick and easy solution to select your music research paper topic, Click Here.

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