Beowulf Research Paper

Suggestive Topics for Writing Beowulf Research Papers

Research papers on Beowulf, one of the classical epic poems of Anglo-Saxon literature test the analytical ability of students. In other words, students should be good at critical appraisal for writing Beowulf research papers. Topic selection is the most common problem faced by students while writing a Beowulf research paper. Therefore, here is the list of a few suggestive topics for students to guide them in their Beowulf research paper writing:

  1. How is the character of Beowulf similar and different to the character of Achilles in Iliad?  
  2. Analysis of Christianity and Paganism in Beowulf
  3. Who is the main antagonist in Beowulf?
  4. Goodness will always triumph over the evils
  5. Beowulf – The Classical Hero vs Superman – A Contemporary Hero
  6. Beowulf – The Myth and the Reality
  7. Who is the most heroic – Sir Gawain or Beowulf?
  8. How do three fights of Beowulf with the three monsters develop him as an epic hero?
  9. Significance of Magic in Beowulf
  10. Grendel and His Mother – Monsters with Human Qualities or Humans with Monstrous Qualities    
  11.  How one should see Beowulf after seeing his last fight with the Dragon?
  12. Internal and External Conflicts in Beowulf
  13. What role do the women play in Beowulf?
  14. Should Beowulf be considered a hero?
  15. Beowulf – An Epic Hero who let down his people in the end

Hence, these were a few topics from which the students may select the topic of their interest and start writing their Beowulf research paper.