Capstone Research Paper

 A Comprehensive Guideline for Capstone Research Paper Writing

Capstone research paper is the fundamental requirement for public administration students to pass their specialized course on capstone. As the purpose of capstone course is to develop the overall objectives of public administration among students; therefore, capstone research papers test how much students have learnt throughout their studies on capstone.

Capstone research paper requires an applied research from students to evaluate the particular concept related to their course. Here is the comprehensive guideline that will aid students in their capstone research paper writing:

  • An applied approach is mandatory for writing capstone research papers; therefore, a student has to meet his/her capstone advisor and peers regularly and utilize their interview responses to gather information about the topic.
  • After gathering the data, students have to critically analyze it with the aid of research materials available to them.
  • You have to state the central theme of your capstone research paper in one short sentence with the aid of a thesis statement.     
  • As capstone research papers follow an applied research; therefore, you would be evaluating the facts in light of your thesis through interpretation of facts by applying the real-life situations along with reasonable conclusions.
  • Every idea about the topic of your paper should be well organized in order to let your readers understand the topic of your study.
  • You should restate your thesis statement, summarize the major points of your paper and conclude your capstone research paper with a strong clincher.

Hence, students should follow the preceding guideline if they want their Capstone research paper to standout among the audience.