Cause and Effect Research Paper

What would be Some Good Topics for Writing the Cause and Effect Research Paper?

Cause and effect research papers are explanatory research papers in which students have to utilize the reasoning against a particular happening. Students have to examine a particular phenomenon in their cause and effect research paper and tell readers about its global effects to bring awareness among readers about the issue. There are loads of topics for writing a cause and effect research papers, here is the list of a few:

  1. Causes and Effects of Childhood Obesity.
  2. Which factors are responsible for the issue of global warming? What are the affects of global warming on the environment?
  3. Causes and Effects of the event of 9/11.
  4. The October Crises in Cuba – Why did the crisis occur? What were its global effects?
  5. Virginia Tech Massacre – Who was responsible for the event? What was its global impact?
  6. Causes and Effects of the two World Wars.
  7. Causes and Effects of Sleep Deprivation on the Heath of a Human Being.
  8. 2007 NFL (National Football League Controversy) – What was the cause that led patriots to spy? How did it affect personal and professional lives of the patriots?
  9. Causes and Effects of Illiteracy in the Society.
  10. Biological Causes and Effects of Radiation.

These were the ten good topics in order help students in their cause and effect research paper writing. Hopefully, students will get an advantage from the preceding topics and utilize one of the leading topics of their interest for writing a cause and effect research paper.