Cerebral Palsy Research Paper

How to Write a Cerebral Palsy Research Paper?

Cerebral palsy is the condition that causes physical disability in a human being. There is no known cure for cerebral palsy yet; therefore, people suffering from cerebral palsy have to suffer the threatening condition of cerebral palsy throughout their life. Cerebral palsy research paper require loads of efforts from the students to gather information.

Students have to conduct interviews with cerebral palsy patients to realize how people suffering from the condition of cerebral palsy feel along with a secondary research for writing cerebral palsy research papers. Here are the steps that students need to follow for writing their cerebral palsy research paper:

Step 1

Topic Selection: If you are writing a cerebral palsy research paper; then the topic of your paper should obviously be dealing with the condition, cerebral palsy. You should select only the topic of your interest for writing the research paper on cerebral palsy. If you posses interest in signs and symptoms of the condition; then, you should be writing your research paper about the signs and symptoms of cerebral palsy.   

Step 2

Gathering and Organizing Information: You have to perform the primary research along with secondary research to gather information about cerebral palsy. Secondary research includes looking through online journals, magazines and published books about the condition while primary research will require you to conduct interviews with patients suffering from the disease and doctors engaged in its treatment.

Step 3

Introduction: You should start your paper with an attention grabber in order to engage readers from the beginning. You may ask a rhetorical question to grab the attention of readers; for e.g., you may ask the reader: Why is there no known care for the condition, Cerebral Palsy? After an attention grabber, you should provide your thesis statement to give readers an idea about the topic that you will discuss throughout the paper.    

Step 4

Body Paragraphs: You would be evaluating the major points of your thesis in body paragraphs. If your thesis is about the probable causes of cerebral palsy; then, you should be evaluating the probable causes of cerebral palsy throughout your body paragraphs with the aid of arguments.

Step 5

Conclusion: You have to restate your thesis statement and sum up the major points of your cerebral palsy research paper in a few sentences to conclude your paper effectively.

Finally, you should provide bibliography and appendices regarding your research on the condition of cerebral palsy to end the paper.