Child Abuse Research Paper

A Few Tips for Writing Child Abuse Research Papers

Child abuse research papers are commonly assigned to the students of sociology and psychology. The purpose of assigning child abuse research paper to a student is to find out student’s in depth understanding of the issue. There are different types of child abuse including psychological abuse, sexual abuse, physical abuse and neglect; therefore, students have to think differently for dealing with each type of child abuse in child abuse research papers.

Here are a few tips that will guide students in their child abuse research paper writing:

  • First of all, you should decide type of child abuse about which you will be writing your paper. If you are writing your paper on psychological child abuse; then, you should only be focusing on the cause and effects of emotional abuses throughout the paper. Therefore, you should gather information about the causes and effects of emotional child abuse and find out ways to stop this act of violence throughout the paper.
  • Introduction of your paper should be following the strong thesis statement after an attention grabber in form of a quote or rhetorical question. Here is one example of a strong thesis statement on neglect: “Neglecting a child again and again can lead the child to lose his/her confidence forever”.
  • If you are writing a cause and effect paper on child abuse; then, you would be utilizing the separate body paragraph to illustrate readers about the different causes and effects of child abuse.
  • In the conclusion, you would be restating your thesis statement and summarize the major points of your paper in two to three sentences. You should conclude your paper by providing suggestions regarding the elimination of child abuse.

Hopefully, the preceding tips will guide students in their child abuse research paper writing.