Cloning Research Paper

Counter Arguments for Writing against Human Cloning Research Paper

Today, cloning has become one of the most debatable topics with a raging controversy. Cloning may be an effective process for producing clones according to scientific perspective but there are several nations across the globe against cloning as the genetic process of cloning go beyond the religious teachings.

There are different types of cloning research papers which are being assigned to students by their teachers. Among all other cloning research papers, human cloning research paper is most commonly assigned to students. Students have to either write in favor of or against human cloning in their research paper.

If students are writing a research paper against human cloning; then, counter arguments in the paper will serve them well to come up with an effective research paper on cloning. Here are a few arguments to give students an idea for writing against human cloning research papers:

  • Consequences of human cloning can be severe and may lead us towards destruction of the entire world.
  • Allowing human cloning is just like going against the nature as we don’t possess any right to bring genetic modification among species and play with nature.
  • Cloning is a cruel and wicked process that does not guarantee survival of the test specie and its clones.
  • In the light of religious teachings of the Christianity, Judaism and Islam, you will find human cloning to be one of the worst acts.              

Hopefully, the preceding counter arguments will help students to come with a good research paper against human cloning.