Computer Research Paper

Ideas for Coming Up With Good Topics for a Computer Research Paper

A computer research paper can either be assigned to students for testing their computing skills or it may be assigned to them as a part of their course related to computer. Students are being usually assigned computer research papers that deals with topics related to computer.

It has been observed that students struggle to come up with ideas for their computer research paper topics; therefore, here are some ideas that will aid students in their computer science research paper topics selection. 

Idea # 1: Computer languages possess a significant importance as they tell the computers what they should do; therefore, it would be a good idea if you write your computer research paper on programming languages. Here are a few topics from which you may choose the topic of your interest for writing your computer science research paper:

  • Why is C language better than the assembly language?
  • History of Programming Languages

Idea # 2: Security threat is also one of the major issues of computer; therefore, you can also write your research paper on computer about the security threat warnings to computer. “Windows Registry System with Emphasis – A Threat to Security” would be a good topic for you to write your paper.    

Idea # 3: Internet is one of the best resources across the globe for gathering information; therefore, it won’t be a bad idea if you write your computer science research paper about the internet. E-business would be a great topic for you to write if you possess any interest in online businesses.

Hence, these were a few ideas that students may utilize for writing computer research papers.