Controversial Research Paper

Good Topics for Controversial Research Paper Writing

Students are often being asked by their teachers to write controversial research papers. The purpose of assigning a controversial research paper to students is to find out how good students are at defending their viewpoint.

There are many controversial topics for students to write a controversial research paper; here is the list of a few controversial research paper topics from which student may select a topic of his/her interest for writing good controversial research papers:

  1. Should Same Sex Marriage Be Adopted?
  2. Is President Obama Doing Things The Right Way?
  3. Abortion – Neither Right Nor Wrong
  4. Controversies Behind The Nuclear Weapons
  5. Is It Right To Teach About The Sexual Education In Schools?
  6. Is Animal Testing Right Or Wrong?
  7. No Child Left Behind  – A Controversial Act
  8. Why Is Stem Cell Research A Controversy?
  9. Should Prostitution Be Legalized?
  10. Should Violent Video Games Be Banned For Kids?
  11. Controversies Behind The Illegal Immigration
  12.  Why Is Political Correctness Considered To Be Wrong?
  13. Homosexuality – A Growing Controversy
  14. Assisted Suicide – Whether One Should Take It As Fair Or Unfair
  15. Women In The Military – Should Be Or Shouldn't Be
  16. Do Vaccines Cause Autism? Or It Is Just A Misconception

These were some topics regarding the controversial issues in order to guide students in selection of a good topic for their controversial research paper. Hopefully, students will get an advantage from the preceding topics and select a topic of their interest for writing controversial research papers.