Criminal Justice Research Paper

What are Some Good Topics for Writing a Criminal Justice Research Paper?

Criminal justice research papers require a thorough understanding of the students about crime. Students should have good knowledge of criminal behavior and causes of crimes for coming up with an effective criminal justice research paper. Usually, students are being assigned a specific topic for their criminal justice research papers but sometimes students are being allowed by the teachers to select the topic of their choice for writing criminal justice research papers.

If you are one of those students who face difficulty in selection of a good topic for your criminal justice research paper; the, here are a few Criminal justice research papers topics for your guidance:

  1. Is death penalty deterrent and cost effective or not?
  2. The Prison Industry in the United States – How do prisoners live in a prison industry?
  3. Rate of Violent Crimes Committed by Men and Women Across the Globe – A Comparison
  4. How do racial conflicts affect laws of the United States?
  5. World’s Most Horrible Serial Kills by Females
  6. How does the corrupt government affect absoluteness of a law?
  7. Which is the worst punishment? Capital Punishment or Life Sentence
  8. Can justice be unfair at times? If it can; then how?    
  9. Sex Offenders – Who Commit Crimes? Get out of the jail and Commit the Crime Again – A Probability
  10. Police Brutality and Discretion – Is police very powerful to make a decision of its own?

Hence, these were some good topics that will guide students in selection of a good topic for their Criminal justice research papers writing.