Data Mining Research Paper

How to Write a Data Mining Research Paper?

Writing a research paper on data mining will require good understanding of students about the formulation of algorithms and their interpretation for coming up with effective results for their research topic. In other words, statistical analysis is the core attribute for writing data mining research papers. There are several steps that students have to follow for writing a data mining research paper, here they are:

Step 1

Choosing the Topic:
You should choose a topic of your interest for writing your data mining research paper. For e.g. you may write the paper about: How does the marketing department in a supermarket perceive demand of their customers? 

Step 2

Gathering and Organizing Information: Once you have decided the topic of your research, you should go for information gathering. In data mining research paper, you should only collect the most appropriate information regarding your research topic and perform analysis on information that you have gathered through your research and organize your collected data appropriately.      

Step 3

You will provide an attention grabber to engage your readers from the beginning of your paper; then, you will provide the thesis statement and topic sentence in support of your thesis statement. Here is example of an attention grabber regarding the use of data mining:
“Data mining broadens the scope of study by analyzing a particular subject in a number of different ways”

Step 4

Body Paragraphs: You would be examining the subject of your study throughout your body paragraphs through arguments and reasoning with the help of statistical analysis and interpretation by discovering the new patterns. 

Step 5

Conclusion: You have to restate the thesis statement and present a short synopsis in conclusion of the data mining research paper. In order to conclude your paper effectively, you should make a conclusive argument in the end telling the readers what they have learnt throughout the paper.

Last but not least, you should cite down sources that you have utilized for the paper and provide appendices regarding the topic of your research.