Death of a salesman research paper

How to Write Death of a Salesman Research Paper?

Death of a salesman research paper is a common assignment for the students of literature to find out what they have learnt from the tragic play throughout their study of the play. The tragic play follows a number of themes; therefore, there are loads of topics for students to select from the topic of their interest for writing death of a salesman research papers.

Making a proper plan for the research paper on death of a salesman will help students effectively in their death of a salesman research papers. Here are the steps that students have to follow for writing death of a salesman research paper.

Step 1

Topic Selection: You should select an interesting topic regarding the play, death of a salesman. Symbolism is one of the most interesting topics that you may utilize for writing your death of a salesman research paper   

Step 2

Gathering & Organizing Information: Best resource for you to gather information would obviously be the published book. You should also gather information from relevant sources regarding the topic of your study and make an outline by organizing information that you have gathered through your research.   

Step 3

Introduction: At first, you should provide an attention grabber regarding the topic of your paper; then, you should provide a thesis statement to let your readers realize what you will be telling them throughout the paper. After the thesis, you will provide a topic sentence in order to support your standpoint.

Step 4

Body Paragraphs: In body paragraphs you would be evaluating your thesis step by step. If your thesis is about symbolism in death of a salesman; then, you will be evaluating each symbolic element of the play in a separate body paragraph.    

Step 5

Conclusion: You should summarize the major points of your paper after restating the thesis statement and conclude your death of a salesman research paper with a clincher.

In the end, you will cite down the resources that you have utilized for gathering information. You would have realized that whether you are writing a research paper about a play or specific topic related to the particular subject, the format of a research paper does not change. Therefore, you just need to keep the preceding five steps in your mind for writing a research paper on any subject.