Death Penalty Research Paper

A Comprehensive Outline for the Death Penalty Research Paper Writing

There are loads of controversies regarding death penalty across the globe. It has not been decided yet whether the death penalty is fair or unfair. In other words, perspectives of the people about the punishment of death penalty differ from each other. Some people say that death penalty is a fair punishment while some disagree with capital punishment; therefore, students can adopt either of the two views for writing death penalty research papers.

Students have to discuss a lot through their death penalty research papers, therefore, they should make an outline for the research paper before they proceed with their paper. Here is a comprehensive outline that will help students in their death penalty research paper writing:

  1. Issues: Death penalty follows a number of controversies including deterrence, costs and execution; therefore, you can write about these issues in your death penalty research paper.
  2. Comparison: You can compare the death penalty with alternate punishments to find out whether death penalty is a severe punishment for reducing the crime rates or alternate punishments are more severe for reducing the crime rates.
  3. Who should get the death penalty? Who deserves the death penalty? You would be telling your readers about it through case studies and arguments in the paper.
  4. Effects of the Death Penalty: You should also inform readers about the effects of death penalty on the society and family members of the convicted.

Leading outline regarding the capital punishment will hopefully help students for coming up with a good research paper on death penalty.