Depression Research Paper

How to Write the Great Depression Research Paper?

The Great depression was a severe worldwide economic depression that lasted till 1940. There were several events that happened during the Great Depression leading towards a decline in world’s economy. Therefore, students have to analyze economic indicators and find out causes which were responsible for the decline in world’s economy in their Great Depression research paper.

Here is a step by step guideline that students should follow for writing the great depression research paper:

Step 1

Choosing the sub-topic:
The GREAT DEPRESSION will be the major theme of your paper and you should pick at least three subtopics in order to support your thesis regarding the great depression in the body of your paper. For e.g. you may choose the stock market crash, bank runs & bank failures and heavy unemployment rate as three main points for the paper. 

Step 2

Gathering & Organizing information:
The Great Depression is a historical event and many books, journals and articles about the event have been written till now; therefore, you have to perform a thorough search to collect information about the event. You should only extract data related to the topic of your study and discard irrelevant data and organize the collected data. Organizing information regarding the topic of your study will help you to develop a thesis statement for the paper.         

Step 3

First of all, you should grab attention of readers by either asking a rhetorical question or presenting a quote related to the topic of your study in the Great Depression research paper. Here is one example of an attention grabber regarding the Great Depression:
The Great Depression was an event that let the world realize how the world’s economy can suffer a severe downfall”.

After an attention grabber, you should provide a thesis statement along with the topic sentence to support your viewpoint on the subject.

Step 4

Body Paragraphs: Body paragraphs of the Great Depression research paper would be evaluating your thesis statement. You should at least utilize three arguments along with examples and evidences in separate body paragraphs to support your viewpoint on the subject matter. 

Step 5

You should restate the thesis statement and summarize the main points of your paper in a few sentences for concluding the Great Depression research paper effectively.

In the end of the Great Depression research papers, you should provide bibliography to inform readers about the resources that you have utilized for the paper.