Economics Research Paper

Suggestive Topics for Economics Research Paper

Economics is a broad field; therefore, students have to search for a number of facts to come up with the high quality research paper on economics. Whether students write the micro economics research paper or macro economics research papers; they have to analyze several graphs and perform some computations regarding their subject matter.

There are loads of interesting topics in economics to write on; here are a few suggestive topics for students for writing the research paper on economics:

  1. How is Obama Administration taking measures to reestablish economy of the United States?
  2. Costa Rica – The Least Development Country Looking Ahead towards its Economic Development
  3. Why is the automotive industry of America facing a decline in sales?
  4. Changes that the American Economy has Encountered – From the Past to Present
  5. How does the economy of United States affect Global Economy?
  6. Effects of Privatization in an Economic Growth of the Country
  7. Economic Challenges for Countries after the World War II
  8. How does value of money decline with the passage of time?
  9. Laissez-faire – A Theory that Follows no Intervention from Government
  10. Effects of Civil War on economy of the United States
  11. Causes and Effects of Global Financial Crisis on the Global Economy
  12. The Rising Economy of China

These were a few suggestive topics for the guidance of students in their economics research paper writing. Hopefully, the students will get advantage from the preceding topics and select the topic of their interest for writing their research paper on economics.