Euthanasia Research Paper

How to Write a Persuasive Research Paper on Euthanasia?

Euthanasia is a controversial issue; therefore, you either have to write in favor of or against the issue in euthanasia research papers. Whether you are writing against or in favor of euthanasia, you have to provide your arguments in your euthanasia research paper in a way to persuade the readers with your viewpoint. If you want to make a persuasive research paper on euthanasia; then, you should follow the steps listed below:    

Step 1

Gathering & Organizing Information: You should search for medical libraries and look at medical journals and articles carefully to gather information about the subject. You should also refer to published books about euthanasia to get the better idea about the subject. Once you are done with information gathering, you should organize the collected information by creating an outline.     

Step 2

Creating the Title:

Title of your Euthanasia research paper needs to be catchy to persuade reader from the beginning. Here is an example of catchy title regarding Euthanasia: Euthanasia – Individual Sovereignty

Step 3

Introduction: Just like the title; introduction of your paper should be interesting for the readers. Therefore, you should present your thesis in a way that readers start to believe what you say and provide the topic sentence to further clarify your viewpoint. Here is an example of a persuasive thesis regarding the pros and cons of euthanasia:
Euthanasia may give the relief to an individual from painful life but one cannot deny the fact that Euthanasia devalues a human life”.

Step 4

Body: In body of the paper, you would be evaluating your thesis statement. For the preceding thesis, you would be exploring the pros and cons of Euthanasia with the aid of arguments throughout the body in separate body paragraphs.

Step 5

Conclusion: As you are writing the research paper on a controversial topic; therefore, the conclusive argument of your paper should also be controversial to persuade your readers. Here is one example of a conclusive argument regarding Euthanasia:

Euthanasia will always remain a debatable issue as it has always been treated on basis of values rather than facts”.

Last but not least, you should provide the bibliography to readers to let them know about the resources that you have utilized for writing your Euthanasia research paper.