Frankenstein Research Paper

Examples of Thesis Statement for Frankenstein Research Paper Writing

Frankenstein, a gothic horror and science fiction novel by Mary Shelley follows a number of occult ideas with galvanism being one of its major themes. There are a number of themes in Frankenstein; therefore, students are being assigned Frankenstein research papers dealing with different themes of the novel. The purpose of assigning different themes to students for a Frankenstein research paper is to find out how well students have understood the novel.

It has been observed that students struggle in coming up with a good thesis statement for Frankenstein research papers; therefore, here are few examples of thesis statement to guide students in their Frankenstein research paper:

Example 1 (Analytical Thesis Regarding the Theme of Humanity): Terrible events that occurred in the life of Frankenstein evoked him to turn evil from good”  
Example 2 (Expository Thesis Regarding the Theme of Galvanism): Frankenstein thirst for knowledge about galvanism to gain super natural powers forced him to create a monster”   
Example 3: (Argumentative Thesis Regarding the Theme of Monster): Although, the monster in Frankenstein wanted to be a friend of human beings but it was his horrified appearance that lead people to hate him; thus, he killed every human who disgraced him”.

These were some examples of thesis statements in order to guide students a little in their Frankenstein research papers writing. Hopefully, students will be able to create a thesis statement for their Frankenstein research papers all by themselves now. In short, students should realize the type of paper they are assigned to write before creating a thesis statement.