Gay Marriage Research Paper

A Sample Outline for the Gay Marriage Research Paper

Gay marriage has been a controversial issue in the United States for a long period of time as some people agree with the marriage of same sex individuals while others refuse to accept gay marriages. As gay marriage is a controversial issue; therefore, students have to adopt an argumentative approach for writing gay marriage research papers whether they plan to write in favor of or against the issue in their gay marriage research paper.

In order to come up with a proper plan for the gay marriage research paper writing, students should make an outline referring to the facts related to gay marriage. Creating an outline will help them to come up with a good research paper on gay marriage. Here is a sample outline for the guidance of students in their gay marriage research paper writing:

  1. Right: It is the fundamental right of gays to marry each other under the constitution of United States.
  2. Love: Love is blind; therefore, there is no reason for it that gays can’t love each other.
  3. Benefits: There are a number of societal, legal and legal benefits of gay marriage. (You would be discussing the benefits in details later in the body depending on the type of gay marriage research paper that you might be dealing with.
  4. Religion: If you thoroughly read the religious books, you will find out that there are several religions that resist the gay marriage including Christianity, Judaism and Islam.
  5. Social Problems: Gay marriages create loads of societal problems for gays; therefore, you should also include about the social problems in your paper if you are writing a cause and effect gay marriage research paper.
  6. Pros and Cons: Last but not least, you should list down the points that go in favor of or against gay marriages.

In a nutshell, students should read the reference material regarding their gay marriage research paper thoroughly for coming with a good research paper on gay marriage.