Global Warming Research Paper

How to Write Global Warming Research Papers?

Today, global warming has become a threatening question for environment as it has affected lives of animals and plants in a great deal; therefore, countries are making plans to minimize the effects of global warming. As global warming is the biggest threat to environment; therefore, students are being often assigned by their teachers to write global warming research papers.

In a global warming research paper, students usually have to discuss the causes and effects of global warming by providing suggestions regarding the minimization of this global issue. In order to write global warming research papers, students need to follow a few steps which are listed below:

Step 1

Choose a Question for Research: First of all, you should decide what you will be discussing to the readers through your research paper on global warming; therefore, you should choose a question for your research. If you are writing about factors that contribute towards global warming; then your research question will be as follow: How several factors are contributing towards the destruction of environment globally?

Step 2

Gathering & Organizing Information: Gathering information about global warming won’t be a difficult task for you as there are loads of published books, articles and journals which are being written about the issue. While organizing information, you should ensure that you list down the key point at first; then, you should write the supporting points.
For preceding research question, green house gases will be key factor of your research while other factors will support the viewpoint of your research.

Step 3

Introduction: In introduction, you should provide an attention grabber by utilizing the quote related to global warming. Here is example of an attention grabbing quote about global warming:

Global warming is too serious for the world any longer to ignore its danger or split into opposing factions on it” (Tony Blair)

After an attention grabber, you should go for the thesis statement to reflect your viewpoint and provide a topic sentence to support your viewpoint.

Step 4

Body: In body paragraphs, you would be exploring the thesis of your paper on basis of facts and evidences with argument.

Step 5

Conclusion: In conclusion, you should restate the thesis statement to remind readers about the topic of your research, summarize the major points and provide a conclusive argument to end your research paper on global warming.

Finally, you should give the bibliography of resources that you have utilized for writing your global warming research papers.