Harvard Family Research Project

All about Harvard Family Research Projects

Harvard family research project, a subsidiary of Harvard graduate school of education has been working since 1983 to develop strategies that will provide the better learning experience to students. Harvard family research projects work within three areas to support learning and development among children which include the following:

  • Early Childhood Education
  • Out-of-School Time Programming
  • Family and Community Support in Education

Harvard family research projects have supported thousands of people to demonstrate results who have utilize their publications, tools and workshops. Harvard family research project distills information through their research regarding the evaluation of projects with a bit of aid from the work of others. The major goal of Harvard family research project is to provide practical information through innovation in order to improve their policy, practice and evaluation.

Here is the list of services that Harvard family research projects provide:

  • Create research publications along with practical information in order to address the relevant issues regarding their research projects.
  • Conduct original research and analysis in order to provide better policies and practices to children for learning and development.
  • Develop & support networks to contribute towards the improvement of program quality and evaluation   
  • Test and refine innovation evaluation to use data for improvement
  • Develop easy to use tools and how to guides

Hence, these were a few things that one should know about Harvard family research projects. Hopefully, the preceding information would have helped students a little bit in realizing the significance of Harvard family research project.