Qualitative Research Paper

What Are Some Research Methods That Can Be Used In Qualitative Research Paper?

There are three main models of research process, first; positivism that is related to quantitative research methodology, second; critical sciences while the third one is interpretivism that is about qualitative research methodology. Unlike quantitative, qualitative research papers assumes that there are multiple realities and these realities keep on changing with time, this is the sole reason why qualitative research paper’s outcome is different every time.

There is no overarching roadmap for conducting qualitative research work as it always depends on the nature of the research work done by the author, therefore, there are many research methodologies employed in qualitative research paper depending on its requirement. Given below are some qualitative research methodologies that can be incorporated in qualitative research paper.

Qualitative research methodologies:

Case Study:

Case study involves the holistic approach of carefully studying any individual, event or any group proving that eventually proving the thesis statement.  For example;

“Create two separate groups of people in two rooms, creating different environmental conditions for both the rooms; analyze their moods that will prove that how much environment affects on the people

Grounded Theory:

Another qualitative research method which accentuates on the theory creation only highly depending on the data collection, method of the grounded theory involves the careful examination of the field notes or corpus so that you can single out the variables and their relationships. Grounded theory includes:

  1. Open coding
  2. Axial coding
  3. Selective coding
  4. Memos
  5. Process


Another way to carry out the research work for qualitative research papers, it involves the close field observations of a certain socio cultural phenomena. Ethnographers usually opt for communities in order to conduct their research work.

Content analysis:

It involves looking into different contents from documents, text or speech in order to see what is the resulting theme. It could also include political viewpoints; it is mostly used in social sciences by the researcher to analyze the transcripts of the interviews taken from the participants.

The basic process of content analysis include

There are six questions that are usually answered in the content analysis research method and they are:

  1. What is the type of data that is analyzed?
  2. In what ways it can be defined?
  3. What are the details about the population from which it has been taken?
  4. What is the context in which the data has been analyzed?
  5. What are the limitations of the content analysis?
  6. What are the inference targets?

Therefore, the above told are some of the research methodologies that can be employed in the qualitative research paper, but it will all depend on the nature of the qualitative research paper. So, make sure you know what type of qualitative research methodology for social sciences will suit your qualitative research paper.