Controversial Term Paper Topics

What are Some Controversial Term Paper Topics?

There are loads of controversial term paper topics which are being assigned to students in order to test their analytical writing skills. Students have to select one of the two arguments in a controversial term paper topic; therefore, they need strong evidences in support of their viewpoint to dominate the opposing argument. Writing a term paper on the controversial subject requires thorough research for gathering each and every aspect related to the subject.

If you have been assigned by your teacher to select a controversial topic for your term paper; then, here is a list of few controversial term paper topics for you to start with:

  • Political Symbols of the French Revolution.
  • Is death penalty fair enough to deter crime?
  • Was invasion of Iraq by the United States in 2003 a reasonable act?
  • Why gun control has become a controversial issue?
  • Should cloning be stopped or continued for the betterment of society?
  • How can we eliminate racial prejudice from the world forever?
  • College Drinking – A Hazardous Act.
  • Ethical Issues of Same-Sex Marriages.
  • Why do the Americans hate Communism?
  •  Ethics and Morality in Different Religions.
  •  Are black people really superior to each and every race?
  •  Does imperialism really allow the superior states to dominate an inferior state?
  •  Cause and Effect of Childhood Obesity.
  •  Domestic Violence – A Fierce Crime.
  •   Should abortion be legalized once and for all?

Last but not least, you should only select the controversial term paper topic about which you possess an interest to write.