Death Penalty Term Paper

Sample Outline for Writing Death Penalty Term Paper

Death penalty is a controversial subject; therefore, students either have to write in favor of or against the issue in a death penalty term paper. If students have the roadmap for writing a term paper on death penalty; then, it won’t remain a difficult task for them to write death penalty term papers. Creating an outline will surely serve students in great manner for writing their death penalty term paper.

Many students don’t know how to create an outline for death penalty term papers; thus, in order to guide students; here is a sample term paper outline on the topic, Why is death penalty expensive?

Sample Outline on the topic: “Why is death penalty expensive?”

1. Thesis Statement: First of all, you should create a thesis statement stating your standpoint. Here is an example of thesis statement for the preceding topic:
It is the long and complex judicial process that makes death penalty expensive to countries”.

2.  Arguments: Now, you have the thesis; therefore, you have to develop arguments in order to support your thesis statement. Here are a few arguments that you may utilize to support the leading thesis:

  1. Analyzing the financial facts of death penalty will let you find out that cases of capital crimes are more expensive for countries than other cases of crimes.
  2. Local government often bears the high cost of death penalty and undergoes a great loss of money.  

3. Evidences: In order to support your arguments, you should provide evidences against them to convince audience with your viewpoint. For above arguments, you may utilize the statistical data of countries which have faced a great loss in their economy due to several cases of death penalty.

In short, you should remember that thesis, arguments and evidences are the three main elements for creating an outline; therefore, you should develop them well for creating an effective outline for death penalty term paper.