Financial Analysis Term Paper

How to Write the Financial Analysis Term Paper?

Analytical skills are mandatory for writing financial analysis term papers. In addition to analytical skills, students should also be good at computations for coming up with a good financial analysis term paper. Financial ratios play the key role in financial analysis; therefore, students should have a thorough understanding of financial ratios to handle the financial questions in their term paper effectively.

Many students of finance have no idea how to write the financial analysis term paper;

Therefore, here is a simple step by step guide in order to help those students:

Step 1

Topic Selection: If teacher allows you to choose the topic for your financial analysis term paper; then, you should select the topic of your interest. Selecting topic of your interest will make it easier for you to write your paper.      

Step 2

Introduction: First of all, you should hook the reader with your opening sentence that may either be a question or quote. If you are writing about financial statement; then, you may ask the following question:

What is the significance of a financial statement?

After the hook sentence, you should give a brief introduction about the topic and present your thesis to give reader an idea about what you will discuss in the paper.    

Step 3

Body: You should give at least 3 arguments in support of your thesis statement. You need to discuss each argument in a separate body paragraph along with the evidences to prove your standpoint. 

Step 4

Conclusion: You have to restate the thesis statement and summarize the paper in a few sentences. In the end, you should give a clincher to conclude your financial analysis term paper effectively.

After you are done with your financial analysis term paper writing; you should cite down resources that you have utilized in bibliography and provide appendices regarding your term paper in the end.