Macbeth Term Paper

 All about Macbeth to write Macbeth Term paper

Macbeth is the greatest tragedy of all time written by William Shakespeare, if you want to do character analysis of Macbeth in your Macbeth term paper but you haven’t read the novel then you must read the following article for it will provide you with a character analysis of Macbeth.

Character analysis for Macbeth Term Papers:
The first impression of Macbeth is usually very good for he appears to be the most competent and loyal general to the kind Duncan who was the ruler of Scotland but the story takes a u-turn after the devious entry of the three witches.  They intrigue Macbeth to go for the throne and induce some sinful ambitions into his mind while Lady Macbeth who was quite ambitious and strong did not feel any honest love for Macbeth  convinced Macbeth to kill the King Duncan  in order to capture the throne and Macbeth who was madly in love with her  did everything what she commanded.

William Shakespeare not even for once portrayed Macbeths love for Lady Macbeth but throughout the novel. Macbeth used to act on every command of Lady Macbeth. Even, when he started feeling guilty about the crime he did, he never cursed his wife for once; this showed his unconditional love for his wife.

The three witches also predicted that Banquo would be the father of the kings and this made Macbeth to murder him as well in order to save the throne for his sons, but somehow Banquo’s son Fleance managed to escape.  Basically the story is about how a loyal man turns into an evil murderer just for the greed of throne, in the beginning of the novel he was portrayed as the most loyal server of the King Duncan but the climax showed something else.

If we say that Macbeth is a journey from loyalty to envy, then we won’t be wrong, so while writing the Macbeth term paper make sure you are well aware of the transition of the Macbeth’s personality. The biggest role in the personality transformation was of the lady Macbeth who was just using him for ulterior motives and the three witches who used to predict things about the throne.

Therefore, if you go through the above told character analysis of Macbeth then you won’t find that much difficulty in writing Macbeth term papers Final words of advice are to incorporate reference examples from different chapters of Macbeth to create interest and credibility in the term paper on Macbeth.