Oedipus Term Paper

How To Wrap Up Oedipus Term Paper?

Oedipus the king is a Sophocles tragedy that was an outstanding hit after the great play Antigone, the story revolves around the king Oedipus who was the son of King luaus of Thebes, when Kind Luaus was predicted to be mutilated by his own son, he ordered the infant to be killed, but the servant who was ordered to kill him left the little Oedipus in the fields. Thus, the story is about the survival of a little kid who turned into a king.

Students when asked to write Oedipus term paper usually come up with good content but with loose ends. By loose ends, we mean they are not able to wrap up their Oedipus term paper in a good manner, it sounds as if there is something missing. So, we thought to provide ideas to conclude Oedipus term papers so that it doesn’t sound incomplete.

Some conclusion ideas for term paper on Oedipus:

Oedipus term paper topic # 1:
Shedding light on the ironic qualities of Oedipus Rex

Conclusion idea:
In short, we can say that the basic theme of the play, “Oedipus the King” is the irony of fate, the writer of the novel, Sophocles have played with the Oedipus irony of fate throughout the novel. Therefore, for a king like Oedipus, irony only exists when the man is free but at the same time being ill-fated.

Oedipus term paper topic # 2:
Oedipus the king- Dreadful justice of fate

Conclusion idea:
Thus, Sophocles has used his literary genius to describe the phenomena of fate and its capriciousness, the fate is an uncontrollable idea that nobody can fight with it. The theme is justified by the extraordinary characterization of the characters that plays a part with fate, this quality makes the novel  a true reference point in drama.

Oedipus term paper topic # 3:
Explaining the tragedy of Oedipus

Conclusion idea:
In a nutshell, the writer has used his exceptional imagination power to craft a man like Oedipus who faced the irony of fate as a result of his own deeds. Nevertheless, he was fully aware of the fact that he had married his mother, killed his father but a guilt he shouldn’t have committed was to elevate himself up to the level of GOD, this is why fate showed up where a human being stands.

By now, you should have known what is the biggest theme of the play,” Oedipus” and that is “FATE”, the play revolves around the law of universe which shouldn’t be forgotten. To be precise, you should go through the preceding concluding ideas for term papers on Oedipus and use it in your assignment.