History Term Paper

Critical Comments And Suggestions On The Thesis Statement For History Term Paper

History has so much  in it that sometimes a student get totally confused in what to write in their history term papers, there are many times they even have a good topic in their hands but a bad thesis statement lead them to bad grades. Being a student you must know how wide the concept is and for this reason they sometimes end up with vague ideas for they want to incorporate so much in it.

Therefore, in order to guide the students on how to develop a good history term paper thesis statement we will be commenting on it also providing some suggestions to improve it.

Sample history term paper thesis statement:

“The Cuban missile catastrophe leads John F. Kennedy’s foreign policy towards Russia be changed from aggressive towards peaceful negotiations”

Thesis statement is a short statement which identifies the whole idea of a term paper, so, before you develop a history term paper thesis statement, you need to be really clear about two things:

What will be the main discussion of the term paper?
What should be the main points in the thesis statement?
Now, let’s discuss what the preceding thesis statement all about…is.

The above told thesis statement is a bit vague and not a complete one, because in real; the negotiations took place between two parties that is John F. Kennedy and Nikita Khrushchev while here you are only stressing on John F. Kennedy’s foreign policy.

Furthermore, you cannot call Cuban missile a catastrophe, rather it was a crisis which was successfully negotiated between the two parties in order to save the Cuban island from the possible nuclear disaster.

You should also know that at that time Russia was called as U.S.S.R. so make sure your thesis statement is giving the correct figures.

Recommended history term paper thesis statement:
Elaborate your history term paper thesis statement a bit more so that the reader knows the exact idea for example:

“John F. Kennedy and Nikita Khrushchev broke their traditional foreign policy towards each other from aggressive containment to peaceful negotiation after the great Cuban missile crisis”.


“John F. Kennedy changed their traditional foreign policy of aggressive to peaceful negotiations with the U.S.S.R after the great Cuban missile crisis”.

Thus, by now you should be well aware of how to develop a good thesis statement for history term paper topics. The final word of advice is to be creative and innovative while writing a thesis statement because it should be something that convinces a reader to keep on reading the rest of the term paper.