Journalism Term Paper

How To Write Photo Journalism Term Paper On Ethical Issues

Everyone today wants to join the field of journalism because media, whether electronic or print has its charm. So, majority of the students opt for them media studies but when it comes to write photo journalism term paper, they totally get dismounted.

Therefore, we thought to provide those students with some help so that they can come with a fine piece of photo journalism term paper.

Here you would be introducing the photo journalism term papers topic in detail and make sure your introduction comprises of the following points:

At first provide a definition of photo journalism from a credible source, like:

  • Kenneth F. Irby from the Poynter Institute describes photojournalism as “the craft of employing photographic storytelling to document life: it is universal and transcends cultural and language bounds.”
  • Tell the readers where photo journalism is mostly practiced and used which usually include television, news papers and magazine etc. but you can add more to it as well.
  • Due to such a drastic use of photos, photo journalist usually faces ethical dilemma on what to shoot and what to ignore.

Body paragraphs:

Here, you would be elaborating the ideas that you illustrated in the introduction of the journalism term paper, you can also incorporate the following key points and discuss them in detail:

Ethical issues in photo journalism:

  • Discuss how photo journalist manipulates the digital images for the ulterior motives, software such as adobe Photoshop can help easily to change an existing photo.
  • Due to the excessive photo journalism, they intrude into o the privacies of other people without even taking any permission, there are several cases studies. You can search for them over the internet and incorporate them into your journalism term paper.
  • Graphical images that are quite shocking create several problems for the viewers for they accuse them of exploiting the pain of others
  • In the end, you can give the ethical guidelines from the society of professional journalist code of ethics.


Connect back your conclusion with the thesis statement and provide a short summary of the whole photo journalism term paper while also giving some recommendation and suggestion for what can be done to further improve the standards ethical codes for professional photo journalism.

Therefore, write your journalism term paper after reading the above told guide and also incorporate the points per needed, it was just a rough idea to let you know how to write journalism term paper in a proper way.