Justice Term Paper

Topic Guideline For Writing Justice Term Paper

Criminal justice term papers are assigned to the students at the end of the terminal exams which makes them exhausted as they have to complete so many other assignments as well. The worse thing is that the students takes so much time in even deciding a topic for criminal justice term paper mostly because there are wide range of topics and they don’t know which justice term paper topics would be a great topic to work on.

So, here are some topic ideas for criminal justice term papers with a brief guideline to let you know the dynamics of writing a justice term paper.

What does it mean to have racial profiling in developed countries?

Racial profiling is a serious issue where people are stopped and asked questions on the basis of their color; it is more common in areas where the ethnic issues are on the top. You can also write about the places where racial profiling is at its peak, like South Africa, England, India etc. Black men who are mostly targeted in the racial profiling no matter in what part of the area they are. Another example for racial profiling is when Muslims are targeted on the airport, even better most of the times Muslims are not given Visa if their names are on Muhammad or any holy figure. The major causes for the aggressive attitude can be the Sep 9/11 2001 catastrophe.

Gun Control- Boon or Bane

Gun control is commonly practiced by the authorities in many countries the biggest example could be the United States of America, so you can compare those countries which have the gun control laws with those who have no gun control laws implemented on them.  One of the two countries would be US while the other would be Switzerland. You can also tell the readers that even though carrying gun in Switzerland is not a crime, still it possess the lowest death rates as compared to United States of America where carrying gun is a crime.

Juvenile Justice according to Pennsylvania Act 33:

In the year 1995 Pennsylvania act was passed in which there were 37 acts which was directly associated with Juvenile delinquency, this is why Tom Ridge the governor of Pennsylvania is still considered as a great leader for  his tremendous work in juvenile delinquency and justice system. Now, there is a juvenile delinquency committee which is commonly known as JAC which is responsible to carry out the functions in this particular area. You can also search for the Pennsylvania act 33 over the internet, get some more information and tell the readers about the juvenile justice system prevailing in United States of America.

Therefore, though above told justice term paper topic are not out of the blue ones but they can be very informative yet interesting for your readers, go through them, select the one you like and start term paper writing next second.