Marijuana Term Paper

Important Arguments That Can Be Used In Marijuana Term Paper

Marijuana is debatable term that is often assigned to the student to write marijuana term paper so that they know the possible implications of consuming marijuana and on the other side they should know what it is all about.  But students usually can’t find sturdy arguments to support their stance in marijuana term paper so we thought to give them some points that they can incorporate in their marijuana term papers.

Recommended Arguments For Marijuana Term Paper

For instance if you are writing about,” why marijuana should be legal” then you can incorporate the following key points to make your term paper on marijuana stronger.

  • You can raise a very important point that people want liberty and right to choose the way of life they want to live. Government should also consider that marijuana is far less dangerous than some of the drugs that are legal.
  • Prohibition drugs and throwing drug adductors in jail won’t work; the better solution for the problem could be educating them so that they know what is right and what is wrong for them.
  • There are many other medical uses of marijuana for it helps in relieve nausea and stimulate the appetite for cancer patients.
  • Hemp is a kind of marijuana that can be effectively utilized for industrial uses, if marijuana would be legalized then we can take advantage of the Hemp as well.
  • On many occasions religion instructs us to use marijuana especially in Christianity and Judaism. As everybody has the right to practice their religion in whatever part of the world they are, they should be allowed to drink wine and marijuana at least from religious perspective.
  • You can also include a psychological perspective that more the thing is away, the more it becomes important to us, so if there is no marijuana in the market people especially students would become curious to find and use it.
  • The illegalization of marijuana in America provides a platform for the smugglers to make foreign cultivation extremely profitable.
  • Marijuana is mostly consumed by the African-American blacks, they constitute 13% of the total population and they are the 13% users of Marijuana as well. So, the frequent arrests of Blacks can create a perception that the laws are prejudice and always against the minorities, although this incorrect.

Hence, there are many other reasons on why should marijuana be legalized? but the above told are some stronger ones that will help to convince the reader of your stance in term papers on marijuana.