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Math Term Paper Writing Ideas

Writing math term paper can be an arduous task for the student who are studying math as it involves playing with the number and not word and term paper is all about having excellent writing skills. This is why, math term paper usually fall short to the standards.

However, math has a theoretical history that can only be discussed with the words. So, if you also want to write something about the history of math in your math term paper then you can use the following ideas.

History of calculus:

Calculus that was first named as infinitesimal calculus is a branch of mathematics that deals with functions, derivatives, integrals etc. Calculus took a major turn with the outstanding contribution of Isaac Newton and Gottfried Leibnitz. You can divide your math term paper in two parts; one would be the contribution of Issac Newton and the second one would be the contribution of Gottfried Leibnitz and discuss it in detail then.

History of elementary algebra:

Algebra is a branch of mathematic that studies the complexities of the structure, quantity and relation. Most of the people believe that algebra was invented by the ancient Babylonians that is approximately four thousand years ago.  Thus, you can easily write on the history of algebra by searching for it over the internet.  While there are many kinds of algebra based on the different nation, for example; there is Islamic, Indian, Chinese, European etc. You can also separately define them to provide more information to your readers in you term papers on math.

History of geometry:

Geometry is derived from two words, that’s geo which means earth and metricia which means to measure, this is a field of mathematics that deals with the spatial relationships which was first introduced by Euclid.  Again, there are many types of geometry that are derived on the basis of the geographical location, for example; there is European, Babylonians, English geometry. You can provide information on these types one by one in your math term papers.

Therefore, the above told ideas are just to give you an idea about how many different angles you can write the history of term paper on math.  Select the one which you like the most and start writing!