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Thesis Defense

, Do you realize that a bad thesis defense can ruin your all your laborious efforts of conducting research and writing thesis in a minute?

Thesis defense is all about practicing and being confident on the day of thesis defense

Learn the tips that wil make you confident on your thesis defense day

What Is A Thesis Defense


The thesis defense is the oral presentation and examination after finishing the writing process of thesis. The student has to answer to the questions asked by the thesis defense committee members.

Thesis Defense Questions



In your thesis defense, the questions will consist of the following types:

Probing Questions
Thesis defense committee members would like you to broaden its most controversial aspects.

Thesis defense committee will like you give an overall view of the field under study and your contribution to it.

Thesis defense committee will expose an area of insufficiency.

Thesis Defense Tips

  • Answer every question after considering its question.
  • Don’t think that thesis defense committee will ask you too difficult questions. It is all about your thesis which you already have written. So be confident that you will have the answers to their questions.
  • Don’t jump to answer the question if you know the answer too well. Let the committee members finish it. They might elaborate enough that you find some hints to answer too.
  • Appreciate their questions. It gives you a chance to think about the answer as well as flatters the asker. It also suggests that you have got the question very well.
  • If any of the thesis defense committee members is malevolent, be tolerant about him/her, and try to win the sympathy of others. Let him do it at the fullest, it might win you favor of the rest.
  • Don’t hesitate to ask the members to clarify the question if you don’t get it clearly.

Thesis Defense Guidelines
 In General
  • Keep your advisor involved during your thesis because your advisor is an important part of your thesis defense committee.
  • Check out all audio/visual aids you will need while defending your thesis. Don’t underestimate their value.
  • Be very clear about the aspects of your thesis that makes it different from the others in term of new findings. Rehearse a speech about it because you will be asked to demonstrate it.
  • You must represent your self elegantly and gracefully on thesis defense. The committee members may not give you extra marks for good dressing but you will be the focal point for them. So it is very important to dress nicely on thesis defense.

Female Students

Female students should wear conventional clothes suiting to an office environment on the day of thesis defense. No high heels and jogging shoes.

Male students

Male students should also wear formal clothes suiting to an office environment on the day of thesis defense. Jogging shoes are a no-no.

Thesis Defense Guidance

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