How to Write an Easy Thesis Statement?

Are you unable to help yourself out to come up with an easy thesis statement for your thesis paper?

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Are you deceiving yourself by trying easy thesis generator programs and thinking you will be able to come up with a thesis that will help you stand out in your class?

It is not a child’s play to come up with an easy thesis; in other words, you can say that creation of an easy thesis skin is not that simple as it may sound. Many students go after easy thesis topics and think they will be able to deliver an effective thesis statement out of their selected topics though they get failed 90 percent of the times. Here is the reason:

“They know what a thesis statement is all about but don’t know how to create an effective yet inspiring thesis”.

In order to help students in coming with an easy thesis statement for their thesis paper, here are the guidelines that they should follow:

Guideline # 1:

At first, you will definitely pick a topic for your thesis. If you want to make the process of thesis writing easier for you; then, you don’t need to worry about the broadness of a thesis statement. In a thesis statement, you just have to narrow down your simple idea that best describe what you want to convey the reader through your easy thesis statement.

Guideline # 2:

Once you have the idea, you should figure out at least three points which can effectively support your easy thesis statement. Write those points along with the idea behind your topic as your first draft. It will be your tentative thesis statement.

Guideline # 3:

You must thoroughly proofread your tentative thesis statement when finalizing your thesis. You should keep revising the thesis statement until you get satisfied with your easy thesis statement. A revised thesis statement should deliver the idea to readers that you want them to perceive.

Here is one example of simple thesis statement on a general topic “Fear” that will further guide you in creation of an easy thesis statement for your thesis paper:

He tried his best not to open his fearful eyes but was unable to keep his eyes closed for long and finally opened them. He was paralyzed to see that the fear was everywhere and came back every time he opened his eyes