All about Electronic Thesis and Dissertation (ETD)

If you are pursuing a master’s or doctorate degree in electronics and required to submit electronic thesis to earn your degree; then, you should know about the Network Digital Library of thesis and dissertations (NDLTD). NDLTD is an international organization that promotes the adoption, creation, use, dissemination, and preservation of electronic theses and dissertations (ETDs). For students, NDLTD’s electronic thesis and dissertation database worth a great deal.

NDLTD supports students and universities in using electronic publishing and provide them an open access for scholarships in order to help students get potential benefits worldwide through their electronic thesis and dissertation platform. There are a number of resources available for researchers at the website of NDLTD to aid students cope with their electronic thesis dissertation tasks. Here is the list of common resources available at NDLTD about ETD:

  1. ETD Guide
  2. List of ETD Terms and Definitions
  3. How to Set Up an ETD Submission Program?
  4. ETD Mentoring Network
  5. ETD Symposia
  6. ETDs Bibliography
  7. Manage ETDs
  8. ETDs & Future Publication Potential For Graduates
  9. ETD Preservation
  10. Statistics on Use of the Virginia Tech ETD Collection

Institutions, consortia and individuals annually make a financial contribution to support the programs organized by NDLTD. Members are offered to join any of NDLTD’s committees or working groups except the executive committee. Idea of electronic theses and dissertations (ETDs) was first discussed in 1987 meeting in Ann Arbor, Michigan that was organized by UMI; however it was completely implemented in 1996 after an intense collaborative work.

In order to search and browse the NDLTD Union Catalog, two tools have been developed specifically for researchers including Scirus ETD Search and VTLS Visualizer. Scirus ETD Search is a scientific research tool that provides an advance search to narrow down your results of electronic theses and dissertations and also provide you an access to scholarly resources. VTLS Visualizer tool provide a dynamic discovery search platform with sophisticated functionality.

In a nutshell, NDLTD has made the process of electronic thesis submission convenient for students.