Good Topics for Writing Your Human Resource Management Thesis for PDF (Post Doctoral Fellowship)

Global economy is changing with the passage of time. Today, business leaders have recognized the significance of fast growing environmental changes in politics, economy, society and technology. Globalization is the most recent trend that firms are adapting today to compete with other firms globally; thus, companies have to manage these environmental changes. To do this, firms need a pivotal success factor that is obviously the human resource (HR) department.

Once can’t deny the importance of a human resource department for organizations as human resource plays a key role in making strategic decisions for organizations. Moreover, HR managers have become strategic partners of the organization. If you want to make a career in human resource management; then, you will definitely have to write a human resource management thesis to qualify for the degree program pertaining to human resource.

If you have to write a human resource management thesis for PDF (Post Doctoral Fellowship); then, you should keep it in your mind that you have to write a thesis that is worthwhile. You have to spend your precious time and put an effort to come up with a thesis that makes you eligible for the fellowship. As human resource is an emerging field; therefore, you must study as much as you can about HR by referring to books, articles and journals available to you.

One of the best ways to get started with your human resource management thesis is that you create an outline. Creating an outline will aid you formulate a roadmap for your human resource management thesis for PDF (Post Doctoral fellowship). Here is the sample outline:

1.  Introduction:

  1. What is HRM?
  2. Purpose of the Thesis

2.  Literature Review:

  1. Theories Applied In the Thesis
  2. Explanation of Technical Terms

3.  Hypothesis/Hypotheses:

  1. Research Questions
  2. Thesis Statement(s)

4.  Relevant Areas:

  1. Relevant Areas:
  2. Performance Management
  3. Compensations and Benefits
  4. Culture Diversity

5.  Methodology:

  1. Methodology:
  2. Statistics Used
  3. Statistics Used

6.  Results and Conclusions:

  1. Findings
  2. Future Recommendations

In order to aid you a little more in your human resource management thesis writing and help you find out human resource management thesis topics, here is a list of few good topics for you:

1.  Topics Regarding Interpersonal Communication:

  1. Why It Is Necessary To Understand Human Behavior To Develop A Skilled And Motivated Workforce?
  2. Interpersonal Skills And Project Management

2.  Topics Regarding Change Management:

  1. How Should You Deal With Changes When They Are Constant In Organizations?
  2. Change Management Processes

3.  Topics Regarding Organization learning:

  1. How to Conduct Orientation Programs Successfully In Organizations?
  2. Diffusion of Innovations