Suggestive Topics for Information Technology Thesis Paper Writing

Have you written an information technology thesis before or are you just a first timer? No matter you have written an IT thesis before or writing it for the first time, the first problem that you will face in It thesis writing is selection of a topic for your thesis. Topic selection becomes difficult for high level students as they have to portray original ideas about the topic in their IT thesis if they are writing a thesis for post graduate or doctorate degrees.

In order to guide students in selection of a topic for their information technology thesis, here are some information technology thesis topics with brief description to help students select a good topic for their thesis:

Topic No 1: Eye Tracking

This modern technique investigates visual attention of the users. Eye tracking can be done through a number of trackers and it involves loads of commercial applications too. You can also discuss the complexities involved in eye tracking if you pick this topic for your thesis.

Topic No 2: Human-Computer Interaction

How do different people interact with different types of computers? How interaction between users and computers occur at user interface including the software and hardware? You can discuss this in detail if you are going to write your IT thesis on this topic.

Topic No 3: Electronic Voting (e-voting)

The term encompasses several different types of voting. You can discuss about the technologies involved in e-voting and how electronic voting is analyzed with the aid of examples if you prefer this topic for your IT thesis.

Topic No 4: Game Development

Game development involves a software development process by which video games are produced. There are certain stages involved in game development which you can discuss and talk about independent games too if you are choosing this as the topic of your discussion.

Topic No 5: Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is an Internet-based computing through which shared resources, software and information are provided to computers. You can discuss about the key features, layers and deployment models of cloud computing if you are going to choose cloud computing as the topic for your information technology thesis.

In short, information technology thesis requires students to conduct a research work to find out a specific solution for a particular program. Command of students on algorithms, software and some other data analysis tools is mandatory to analyze the problem at their hand thoroughly and come up with a specific solution to that problem.