Suggestive Topics for Law Thesis

Students pursuing degrees in law have to write law thesis as a partial requirement for the completion of their degrees. Students are required to tackle the issues carefully in their law thesis by examining the facts before raising any question for the thesis. In case of law thesis, it is necessary for students to discuss the topic of their thesis in the light of statutes, regulations and relevant cases about the topic.

Thesis writing becomes even more difficult for students of international law since they have to write their international law thesis by using appropriate legal terms which can be understood worldwide. Therefore, there is no margin for students of law to use terms in their PhD law thesis that may cause ambiguities for the reader. Moreover, law thesis topics have to be attention-getting for the readers which should include matter of serious concern for readers.

In order to aid you select good topics for your thesis, here are few suggestive topics with reference to different kinds of laws:

A.  Subject of Criminal law

Criminal law is the body of law dealing with crimes and punishment for those crimes. Here is a list of few topics regarding the subject of criminal law:

  1. Impact Of “War On Terror” To The Nations Worldwide
  2. Shortcomings Of The Criminal Justice System
  3. Problems In Identifying The Nature, Extent And Distribution Of A Crime
  4. Criminological Theories And Their Applications

B.  Subject of Criminal law

Commercial law is the body of law to govern business and commercial transactions. Here is a list of few topics regarding the subject of commercial law:

  1. Analysis Of International Commercial Arbitration
  2. In What Manner Commercial Law Attempt To Meet The Needs Of A Commercial Community?
  3. International Law And Passing Of Risk
  4. Principles Of International Commercial Contracts

C.  Subject of Corporate Law

Corporate law is the study of how shareholders, employees, directors, creditors, stakeholders and the environment interact with each other. Here is a list of few topics regarding the subject of corporate law:

  1. Corporate Crimes And Overlapping Crimes
  2. All About The Corporate Governance
  3. Defects Of Stakeholder Theory

You have to utilize your time well to proceed in the right direction for your thesis and only a good proposal for a law thesis can aid you to do that. Therefore, you have to be very careful when writing a law thesis and try not to use vague terms in your thesis.