Interesting Topics for Writing Statistics Thesis

Statistics is the branch of applied mathematics that deals with collection and interpretation of quantitative data and uses probability theory for estimating the population parameters. Students doing post graduation or doctorate in statistics have to write statistics thesis to get hands on their degree of statistics. Writing a thesis in statistics means that you are devising something to analyze data in-depth.

Statistics thesis involves the applications of statistical techniques including T-Test, ANOVA (Analysis of Variance), Regression Analysis, Chi-Square Distribution, Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) and Path Analysis. Students have to use the computer program; SPSS for statistical analysis and they have to write the results of statistical analysis with proper explanation of the research topic.

Here are a few points which students should keep in their minds for coming up with an outstanding thesis for statistics:

  1. Choose A Research Topic For The Thesis That You Can Focus On With Interest.
  2. Gather Sufficient Background Information By Exploring Books, Journals And Articles.
  3. Formulate A Unique Thesis Hypothesis/Hypotheses
  4. Mention Your Thesis Research Methodology
  5. Develop Original Ideas To Convey Your Knowledge About The Topic
  6. Formulate A Valid Conclusion And Discuss It With Arguments

One of the most difficult tasks and surely the first phase of statistics thesis writing with which many students struggle is selection of an appropriate yet interesting topic for the thesis. Task of topic selection won’t bother the students if they go after the topic of their interest for the thesis. Topic of your focus will also make the research work a bit easier for you. Here are some interesting statistics thesis topics to guide you further in the topic selection for your thesis:

  1. Analyzing The Response Bias Of A Likert Scale
  2. Comparative Analysis Of Alcohol Consumption In Developed And Developing Countries
  3. Adolescent Crime Rate Across The World
  4. False Discovery Rate Controlling Procedures
  5. Racism Is Still Prevalent – The Most Shocking Statistic
  6. How Many People Do Get Appendicitis Every Year? Is The Statistics On People Getting Appendicitis Constant Or Varying With The Passage Of Time?
  7. The Product Quality Of The Cakes And Pastries – A Statistical Evaluation
  8. Comparative Analysis of the Non-Profitable and Profitable Nursing Homes