Computer Science Thesis


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Computer Science Thesis Format

This is a format and guidelines for writing your computer science thesis. This is your finally-written computer science thesis should look like.

  • Introduction
    1. Introduction the topic thesis
    2. Focusing the task
    3. State the usefulness and aim of the study
  • Stating the initial point
    1. State previously developed methods in the research area
    2. Which conditions (for execution: hardware and software among others) are present?
  • Develop a solution model
    1. Critical assessment of the literature: What is possible?
    2. Starting from the previous item: Development of solution concept
    3. Solution concept rationalization: Comparing the alternatives
  • How solution concept would be executed?
    1. Tool selection
    2. Documentation of important design decisions
    3. Critical assessment of the implementation
  • Conclusion
    1. Summary
    2. Recommendations

Computer Science Thesis Proposal


It is a computer science thesis proposal sample in the subject of “Complexity of Deciding Call-by-Need.”

“This paper aims to study a new structure for the study of call by need computations to usual form and root-stable form in term rewriting. Using basic tree automata methods and ground tree transducers we achieved simple decidability evidences for classes of rewrite systems that are much superior to earlier classes defined using the intricate sequentiality theory. In this paper we show that we can do without ground tree transducers in order to arrive at decidability proofs that are phrased in direct tree automata construction. This lets us to get better complexity bounds.”

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Computer Science Thesis Topics

There is a list below consists of computer science thesis topics. This list of computer science thesis topics has been divided into two categories namely computer science PhD thesis topics and computer science Masters thesis topics.

Computer Science PhD Thesis


This list contains computer science PhD thesis topics which have been studied in the field of computer science.

  1. Factor Graphs for Relational Regression
  2. Verification of Transactional Memories and Recursive Programs
  3. Synthesizing Executable Programs from Requirements
  4. Geometric Modeling with High Order Derivatives
  5. Scaling Data Servers via Cooperative Caching
  6. Shape Analysis by Abstraction, Augmentation, and Transformation
  7. Joint Inference for Information Extraction and Translation
  8. Authentication Mechanisms for Open Distributed Systems
  9. New Design Criteria for Hash Functions and Block Ciphers
  10. Enhanced Security Models for Network Protocols

Computer Science Masters Thesis

This list comprises of computer science Masters thesis topics which have been a part of study in the field of computer science.

  1. Strategies for Encoding XML Documents in Relational Databases: Comparisons and Contrasts
  2. The Challenges of Network Security Remediation at a Regional University
  3. Semantic Modeling For Schema Translation
  4. Requirement elicitation of large web projects
  5. Comparison of Inheritance Evaluation Algorithms for EXPRESS Edition 3
  6. Categorizing Non-Functional Requirements Using a Hierarchy in UML
  7. Extensions to OpenGL for CAGD
  8. Data Mining with Newton's Method
  9. Scalable and Reliable File Transfer for Clusters using Multicast
  10. Integrated Software System for the Collection and Evaluation of Wellness Information