Euthanasia Thesis

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What is Euthanasia?

Euthanasia or physician assisted suicide is a method to end a patient’s life with no pain in order to relieve him form intolerable pain incurable disease. It is a highly controversial issue since many people consider it a killing while many others support it as mercy killing.
Euthanasia has a legal status in many countries including Netherlands, Belgium, Thailand, Australia, Europe, Luxembourg, Switzerland, and US states of Oregon and Washington.

Writing Euthanasia Thesis

Writing thesis on euthanasia is a vast area of study to cover. What you need to do first is to focus on one area of euthanasia thesis writing topics. There is a plenty of choice to write on euthanasia thesis. You can find your euthanasia thesis writing ideas and topics from the following list:

  • Euthanasia reasons
  • Euthanasia ethics
  • Euthanasia facts
  • Pros and cons of euthanasia
  • Euthanasia issues
  • Active euthanasia
  • Passive euthanasia
  • Euthanasia statistics
  • Assisted suicide
  • Legal status of euthanasia
  • Euthanasia by patient’s consent
  • Euthanasia and religion
  • Euthanasia law

Research Resources To Write Euthanasia Thesis

It is your thesis research that will make your euthanasia thesis great and impressive. For research purpose, you can use the following ways:

  • Interviewing doctors (Both who favor and disfavor euthanasia).
  • Talk to the families who have terminally patients (Find theirs view if they are going to agree on giving euthanasia to the patient).
  • Find and interview the families who have allowed euthanasia to the patient.
  • See what religion says about euthanasia.
  • Which countries have legalized euthanasia and why?
  • Which countries haven’t legalized euthanasia and why?

Having gone through this research process, you will have got a good grasp of understanding the pros and cons of euthanasia quite well.

As I said earlier that it is the research that makes a great euthanasia thesis.

Drafting Euthanasia Thesis

Now you have to start making the first draft of your euthanasia thesis. The first draft will give a quite better compilation of your research data removing all irrelevant material. Now you have to make the final draft following the guidelines given to you by the instructor regarding euthanasia thesis structure such as abstract, proposal, literature review, references, bibliography, etc.

Euthanasia Thesis Topics

You van benefit yourself from the following list of euthanasia thesis ideas to use as you find suitable.

Euthanasia Thesis Statement


This sample thesis statement of euthanasia thesis will show a clear picture of how to write a euthanasia thesis statement.

“Legalizing euthanasia will bring peace to the patients who have been in miserable pain striving hard to restore health but have no more hope but sufferings. Legalization of euthanasia will bring relief to the associated people with the terminally ill patient too.”

Euthanasia Thesis
 Further Guide

To write euthanasia thesis is not so difficult if you write it with all research and overall scenario of euthanasia; all it demands is time and dedication. Well, if you are still interested to get more information to write euthanasia thesis with easy steps and less time, Click Here.