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MBA Thesis

 Writing Help, Discover 6 Steps Of Writing MBA Thesis Which Will Bring You Fame And Fortune In Your Professional Life.

MBA Thesis

Doing MBA is a desire of any ambitious student to excel in his professional career. You can complete MBA in different modes according to your suitable timings. The available options are:

  • Two year MBA
  • Accelerated MBA
  • Part-time MBA
  • Executive MBA (EMBA)

At the end of your MBA course, you will have to write an MBA thesis which will fulfill your desire to be a successful person in professional life. Learn 6 steps of writing MBA thesis below.

6 Steps To Write 

Thesis For MBA

  1. Steps of selecting MBA thesis topic:

    1. The general rule to write an MBA thesis is to select a topic of your interest.
    2. Here you have to be careful that you choose because of your interest has enough information available.
    3. Choose a topic that is practical enough to apply in real world.
    4. Moreover your chosen MBA topic should relate to the current scenario rather than ancient times.
    5. Go for a manageable and easy topic because you will win nothing for choosing a complicated topic except multiplying your problems.

  2. It is highly important to verify all the collected information since you can’t risk your MBA thesis paper. The points to consider for data check are:

    1. False data
    2. Outdate or wrong statistics
  3. MBA thesis demands extensive and laborious research. Be very hardworking and creative to conduct research. You can conduct research via any of the two research methods:
    1. Quantitative
    2. Qualitative

  4. The ways to conduct research could be:
    1. Interview
    2. Analysis of others’ works
    3. Observation of seminars, conferences, etc.

  5. Divide the whole thesis into chapters, sections, subsections as much as possible.
  6. While formatting your MBA thesis, include statistics, tables, graphs and charts.
  7. Finally revise and edit your MBA thesis.
  1. Leadership types
  2. Leadership embodiment
  3. Leadership cycles
  4. Leadership symbols
  5. Leadership of primates
  6. Leadership styles
  7. Leadership vs. management
  8. Group leadership

MBA Thesis Sample


Thesis abstract is the first impression on your reader to grasp the core of your MBA thesis. This MBA thesis sample abstract will help you to write your own MBA thesis abstract skillfully.

“This thesis studies the possibilities and confines of open source software at the enterprise. The thesis examines history of open source movement, describes the open source community and teamwork model, analyzes the open source growth procedure, describes business models based on open source software, analyzes possible cost savings and presents case studies of popular open source projects. Suggestions are presented, how companies and organizations can take advantage of using open source software and in which cases it should be avoided, because the hidden costs will not pay off the license costs savings. Along the process of writing the thesis, more than 20 IT managers from companies and organizations all over United States had been interviewed. The assessment of their experiences added drastically to the conclusions of the thesis.”

MBA Project Thesis

After getting your MBA thesis proposal approved, your next task will be about completing MBA project thesis. In order to make MBA project thesis, you will have to conduct research. You can conduct thesis research through any following methods:

Your MBA project thesis should stick to approved theme and area of specialization.

MBA Thesis Topics

A list of MBA thesis topics will diversify your MBA thesis writing options.

  • Organizational Behavior
  • How do insurance companies develop, implement and reflect on marketing in times of great natural disasters
  • Strategic Management
  • How consumer direct marketing has its benefits
  • Financial Management
  • The role of ethics in information gathering
  • Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  • Managerial Economics
  • E-Business Strategies