Statistical Research Paper

4 Step Plan For Statistical Research Paper Writing

Hypothesis refers to a supposed statement for an discernible phenomenon which is derived from a Greek word,” To put under” or “To suppose”. Hypothesis is a part of research paper that holds utmost importance because it provides a statement that will be the basis for the construction of research paper writing. Same is the case with statistical research paper, as it isn’t a theoretical subject where you can play with words as you like, rather you have to  be precise an concise while dealing with the words to express your statistical research paper.

Therefore, we are providing you with a proven procedure for writing statistical research paper that will be based on social and political analysis.

Procedure for statistical research paper writing

Step # 1:

Problem statement that will develop the research work

Ask yourself, what is the intellectual concern for the topic? Highlighting why you want to conduct a steady research work on it; is it depicting an established interest or based on the new problem, for example;

“Role played by Hispanics in politics”

“The unprecedented voting turnout for Bill Clinton in 1996 in Winnetka cannot be explained by the race”.

Step # 2:

What is the research design?

The section of research designs would be discussing:

  • The nature and source of the data you would be employing in your statistical research papers( the data set that you would be using in analyzing in the research paper)
  • Measures for operation of theoretical concepts in statistical research paper.
  • The factors that will be affecting the dependent variable.
  • Also formulate your hypothesis in this section and make sure it is directional, for example

“Higher GNP per capita will give rise to higher literacy rate”.

Step # 3:

Data analysis

Here, you will be reporting the final results of statistical tests. If you are employing continuous data then your result would be comprising of co-relation co-efficient, F-test results, regression coefficients, you should not just go and simply paste the result of SPSS results. Quote key features and actual numbers of the latest data in your data analysis section. For example

“Correlativity between GNP per capita and the rate of deaths in foreign warfare are critically lower than the .75 between GNP per capita and deaths in domestic wars”.

Step # 4:

Final summary and conclusion:

Conclusion links back to the hypothesis and the data analysis, begin the conclusion by summarizing the final outcomes of the statistical tests while also highlight whether your research went against or in the support of the hypothesis. Also, try to answer the following questions:

How much you have used variance for the dependent variable?
If your research doesn’t support the theory, what are the possible causes?
How much successful your research work went?
What are some recommended suggestions for the future research work?

Therefore, although the above told procedure was not detailed sketch for writing statistical research paper, but by going through it you will surely get an idea on what to do with your statistical research paper.