Technical Research Paper

What Are The Important Components Of Technical Research Paper?

Technical research paper or science research papers are an essential part of technical studies but commonly, students studying the science subject hate writing technical research papers, the most probable reason would the amount of expertise, time, research conduction etc and the most basic thing is how to write a technical research papers. So, in order to solve this problem we will be providing a very informative article on the key elements of technical research paper, which are.

Important components of technical research paper

After conducting the experimental science experiments, write down your technical research paper consisting of the following key components

The title page of the research paper:

The title mage will be the first page of your technical research paper which should comprise of:

  • Technical research paper Topics
  • Name and age of the student
  • Name, Grade and school address
  • Name of the teacher
  • Students and teachers signature

Title of the technical research paper should be placed at the topic of each manuscript


You should write the names of the people who had helped you in completing your technical research papers and thanked them as well.


Short and concise summary of the technical research paper in not more than 250 words ideally one paragraph where you wile b defining the methodology, summary of the results in not more than two or three lines.

Index page:

Use the headings incorporated in technical research paper as the list of the table of contents along with the number of pages.


The most important element of your technical research paper, make sure you are answering the following five questions in the introduction of your technical research paper.

  • What is the main problem due to which you are conducting a research study?
  • What is the topic so important?
  • What was the reason it got failed?
  • Why it hasn’t been solved yet?
  • What is the main objective of your technical research paper?

Body paragraphs:

First of all, you would be telling the readers about the process you have adopted in the technical research paper and if you are conducting an experiment which is mostly done in technical research papers; what is its math?

Running example: Whenever possible but relevant, use running examples, you can also use it in the subsection that is usually at the end of the introduction.

Preliminaries: This  segment sets up terminologies that are usually not the part of the technical contributions,  another important function of preliminaries  is that it helps representing material that isneeded for the paper but make sure this part is short and concise.

Content: This section would include algorithms, information about the system, critical analysis etc.

Final Outcome:

Last but not the least; the result would state the nature of the experiment and its results, for example:

Was it a mathematical work?
Was it a design work?

It must also include all the pertinent material that would illustrate your final results, like; charts, table, graph, photos etc.


This is an end of all your effort; state the final conclusion that would reconnect the thesis along with the some future recommendations.


Depending on what is the standard and suggested citation format, you will have to document all the sources used in the technical research paper.


New terms and definitions would be used in the glossaries section.
Hence, write your technical research paper on the preceding format and see how much it helps you with your assignment.