Teen Pregnancy Research Paper

Important Facts for Teen Pregnancy Research Paper Writing

Today, teen pregnancy has become a climacteric problem in the United States that needs to be resolved. Academic students are often assigned by their teachers to write a teen pregnancy research paper. They have to analyze causes and effects of teen pregnancy in teen pregnancy research papers. The purpose of assigning teen pregnancy research paper to students is to bring awareness about harsh consequences of the issue among them.

If students want their teen pregnancy research paper to standout among the readers; then, they should incorporate some important facts regarding the issue in their paper, here are the six facts that students should incorporate in their papers:

  • United States has the highest teen pregnancy rate where 34% women become pregnant before the age of twenty.
  • Teen pregnancy costs the United States around $7 billion per year.  
  • Almost one third of teen pregnancies end in abortion in the United States.
  • Pregnant teens smoke most likely; thus, babies born to teenage mothers are usually premature.
  • Teen mothers less likely finish their high school education and spend their lives in poverty; consequently, their children do not get proper care and become agitated.
  • Daughters of teen mothers most likely become teen mother themselves and their sons most likely become criminals.

These were a few facts about teen pregnancy that you can utilize in your research paper about teen pregnancy. Hopefully, the preceding facts will guide students in their teen pregnancy research paper in a way that they can come up with the high quality teen pregnancy research papers.