Terrorism Research Paper

Ideas For Writing Thesis Statement For Terrorism Research Paper

Thesis statement matters a lot, whether it is a research paper, essay or any other type of writing. It is short concise sentence illustrating the whole idea about a research paper somewhere placed in the introduction. The placement varies with the nature of the research paper, so if you are thinking to write a terrorism research paper then you must first write the thesis statement.

Before we have a look into some of the ideas for writing a thesis statement, let’s go through on what a good thesis statement is all about:

Qualities of an effective thesis statement:

  • Reflects the central idea of a research paper
  • Prioritize things and take the research paper into one direction
  • Take a stand about what student wants to prove in the paper.
  • Creates a point or statement with which a reader could logically disagree.
  • It provides a contestable claim for the readers, for example, lets have a look into a thesis statement for terrorism research paper.

“Christians should not participate in any kind of war as it is morally against their religious practices”

  • Directly relates and answers the research question
  • Very clear and concise yet describes the whole idea.

Thesis statement examples for terrorism research papers

Here we would be giving you some three examples of thesis statement for research papers terrorism

Expository thesis statement:

Expository writing aims at describing, explaining and elaborating the subject to the reader in better details. For example:

“The latest growth in the western that are indeed highly democratic societies in terms of anti-legislation which promotes captivity without any trial have created much concerned for the human rights activists that still the work and the development is far from complete”

Analytical thesis statement:

Analytical thesis statement, as the name indicates will be a statement that will be deeply analyzed in the coming paragraphs of the terrorism research paper. For example:

“The recent drastic growth in domestic terrorism activities in United States of America portrays the oblivious and disillusionment behavior of United States government”

Argumentative thesis statement:

Argumentative or persuasive thesis statement in a terrorism research paper will provide a stage where a writer would argue while giving supporting evidences for a particular stance. For example:

“In spite of the fact the United States of America hasn’t witnessed further attack after 9/11, the U.S forces fighting terrorism should be given a new focus in order to create international peace rather than more attacks in the name of “Fight against terrorism”

Therefore, it is advisable that you first read about what good thesis statement is all about and then move on to the next step that will give you some sound ideas for writing thesis statement for terrorism research papers.