Tolkien Research Paper

Ideas For Writing Conclusion For Tolkien Research Paper

Renowned writer, Tolkien is famous for is outstanding literary works especially Lords of the rings and Hobbit. Student who take English or literature as their majors is often asked to write Tolkien research papers.  They are two things in Tolkien research papers that a reader first reads and that are introduction and the conclusion, therefore, both the things plays a major role in making a research paper worth reading.

So, here we would be discussing about the conclusion for writing research paper on Tolkien in order to give you idea on how to write a conclusion, we will be providing you with two concluding statements of research papers on Tolkien.

Ideas for writing concluding paragraph for Tolkien research paper

Impact of the World War I on Tolkien’s writing of middle-earth:

Tolkien research paper conclusion idea:

The major work force for Tolkien’s writing is the elements of appropriate realism and fantasy in his work and the above research work must have proved the statement about the writer true. The pertinency in his work can be directly linked to the catastrophic World War I. The analytical qualities which he possessed which gave him a unique insight to look into the prevalent human condition that I believe not every author have. Tolkien also believed that he has a great insight to understand the subconscious of the human mind which is shown in his work especially “The lord of the rings”.

Tolkien - facts vs. myths

Tolkien research paper conclusion idea:

At the end, I believe that the Tolkien’s work can be directly associated with the twentieth century, his works culminates a strange combination of myths or fantasy with reality which is also appreciated by his loyal readers. He has been downright threatening to the society by pointing out the flaws of dragonish and Fangorn breeding in the people of our society. He went very successful in reintroducing the old forgotten myths and legends into the contemporary world by also creating a directly link it with the prevalent world.

Therefore, Tolkien was a great writer with outstanding insights into the world of fantasy and illusion, so it is little difficult for the students to understand the concepts behind his work but not impossible.