Tuberculosis Research Paper

What To Write In Tuberculosis Research Paper?

Tuberculosis is a disease that can take a human being into his grave if not treated on time, this is why the tuberculosis research paper can be a great medium to inform the readers about the disease and aware them how to prevent it.

So, lets have a look into what could you write in tuberculosis research paper

The first and the foremost thing would be the definition of the term, like;

Tuberculosis is a disease that is caused by the germs that are known as mycobacterium tuberculosis.

After the definition, you can include some important facts about the disease to tell the readers on how much the disease is affecting the world, for example

Ten million peoples are affected with the disease in United States of America……

Now, there are many questions that arise in the minds of the reader about tuberculosis, so you must first identify them and answer them in research papers tuberculosis by conducting a good research work, like:

How is tuberclosis contracted?

You can answer this question by telling the readers that it is infectious disease, so an individual have to be really careful when he is sitting next to the infectred person, but it will also depend on the resistant power of a person.

What are the symptoms of tuberclosis?

Constant fever, sweating while sleeping, constant wieght loss, loossing energy  etc. Search for more symptoms and elaborate them in your research paper on tuberclosis.

How to diagnose TB?

This question can be the most informative part of your tuberclosis research paper, include the tests that are important for diagnosing tuberclosis., that are:

  • Tuberculin skin test
  • Chest X-ray
  • Sputum test

You can define the above told test to diagnosis tubberclosis in tuberclosis research paper in detail, perform a research work and you will find conrete information on the three important tests.

What  is the basic treatment for tuberclosis?

Again, everybody wants to know about this, so inform them about this as much as possible, you can incorporate the following points here.

  • Treatment can vary from person to person as it is only decided on the basis on the medical history of the pateints.
  • Pateints at an early stage of the disease are prescribed drugs therapy for preventive measures.
  • Isoniazid (INH) is usually prescribe for the people suffering from tuberculosis for six to nine months
  • Other medications involve rifampin, ethambutol, pyrazinamide or streptpmycin.

Therefore,  the preceding ideas can be taken as rough examples in order to get glimpse on what to write in tuberclosis research papers, the major hard work has to be done on your side, all we can do is to give you some useful ideas.