Q:11) What are your prices?

Our prices are based on two factors:

  • Number of pages (250 words per page)
  • Number of days

Price Plan For Essays, Term Papers, Research Papers, Coursework & Book Reports

Type of Delivery
Price Per Page
8 or more days
3-7 days
25-48 Hours
24 Hours

Price Plan For thesis & Dissertations

Price Per Page
24 hours
48 hours
3 days
4 days
5 days
More Than 5 days

Price Plan For Editing

Price Per Page
More Than 5 days
5 Days
4 Days
3 Days
48 Hours
24 Hours

What is more significant to you? Cheaper prices or a quality product?

  1. It's an absolute bargain when you compare it to the tuition fee you may have to submit if you fail the course.
  2. It makes it more affordable for students who are currently working part-time and need this service to pass the course without quitting their jobs.
  3. And it's still priced high enough to make sure that I only have extremely serious students buying my service (and to weed out the curious tire-kickers, naysayers and freebie hunters who will NEVER use it anyway).

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